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We Specialize in Event Aesthetics

In addition to the custom curating of floral arrangements, we also engineer the event's design and décor. From the lighting, linens, and flowers to the table arrangements, props, and all décor in between, we consult, design, and bring to life the style and atmosphere you desire.

We transform a plain venue into all you envisioned it to be.

Event Design 
and Décor

Our initial meeting will primarily consist of gathering your vision for the event and what you hope the event looks and feels like, then plan for all the bells and feathers your heart desires.

We will advise and guide on color palettes, décor products and embellishments, and provide insight on popular trends for a cohesive event design and aesthetic—then custom create the décor necessary to make your dream take flight.

Event Rentals

Event rentals—lighting equipment, staging furniture, candles, throne seating, arches, vases, drapery, and other supplies—are pertinent to a complete venue aesthetic. Byrd Nest Floral & Design has an extensive collection of décor rentals and venue accessories to fulfill our clients intended event design.

Our Process

Create a design concept for your function.
Plan and adhere to design budget.
Source materials and/or rentals for décor, floral props, and equipment.
Obtain vendor information where necessary to handle coordination of design execution.
Orchestrate the creation and/or presentation of design elements as envisioned by the client.
Stationing of event design and décor to fulfil client desired aesthetic.
Take down, removal, and clean up according to agreement.
Provide client with any pre-arranged keepsake décor elements.
Come, fly over to our nest and revel in the opportunity to get all the ‘rainbows and unicorns’ you imagined for your event with Byrd Nest Floral & Design!
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