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Nikki is a native of Winston-Salem, NC and is a floral couturier—a curator of unique, luxury-composed décor with a floral twist.
Her preternatural creativity for floral arrangements enables her to fabricate breathtaking and astonishing wedding and event décor. Her innovative approach facilitates designs that incorporate any event’s desired mood, coloring, theme, or lighting for an otherworldly client experience.
Nikki is a graduate of the QC Event School and holds certifications approved by the ILEA as an International Event & Wedding Professional, International Event Décor Professional, and International Wedding Planning Professional. She is also a graduate of the Luxe Curator’s Design School with a certification in Floral Design.
Nikki has been published in North Carolina Bridal Magazine, has multi-featurettes in MunaLuchi Bridal, and is currently part of the MunaLuchi Coterie.
When she is not designing, she is enjoying her 9 grandchildren and 2 fur babies, Empire and Mischief. She loves to read, shop, and spend quality time with her partner of 20 years.
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