Where Planning & Design Take Flight

At Byrd Nest Events & Design, we understand planning any social event can be stressful and time consuming. Our event
planners have both the experience and passion necessary to make your dreams for your special event a reality. Using our
connections to our expansive network of vendors we can provide just about anything to bring your vision to life. Below
are some of the more popular social events we have worked on.
Birthdays! Sweet 16, Quinceañera, & Other Milestones
With every birthday comes another year of experience and growth that are worth celebrating. Birthdays are special moments, no matter what age we are turning. Our skilled event planners are ready to help you have the birthday party of a lifetime!
First Birthdays
Your baby only turns one, once! While true for every other age, first birthdays—like all of a baby’s firsts—hold a special place in our hearts and memories and deserve the memory making of a spectacularly planned event.
Coming of Age
Your coming of age event is one that is special both to you and your family. We understand how important these events are and how stressful planning them can be. We are ready to work with you through planning and executing every detail of this special moment, so you can leave the work to us and enjoy celebrating your coming of age!
Other Milestones
There are a few other ages that mark a new milestone in a person’s life that often calls for a bigger celebration than the year before. Turning 21, 30, 40, 50 (and so on through the decades) are times worth an extra celebration—pulling out all the stops for your event planning and event design is one of the skills Byrd Nest Events & Design is notorious for.
Whether you are putting together a family reunion or a school reunion there is a lot of planning necessary, and this planning can be very time consuming. Our event planners are experienced in planning and executing large reunions, whether casual or formal, with efficiency and attention to detail. Our event planners can take care of as much of the planning as necessary for your family or group to have a memorable reunion with the least amount of work necessary from you.
Bridal Showers
Congratulations on your new engagement! As wedding planners as well as party planners, we understand that the time leading up to your wedding day is full of anticipation and requires a lot of planning. Let us relieve you of the stressful burden of planning your own celebrations! A bridal shower is a special moment for the bride’s closest family and girlfriends to celebrate with her.
Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
When there is an upcoming wedding, close friends and family are always excited to celebrate the “last night” as a single person as the future bride or groom is. This is a special milestone that should be treated as a special event. Our event planners can help you plan and execute the most memorable bachelor and bachelorette parties—whether your dream is for a casual night of fun or for an elaborate formal event
Anniversary Parties
For many people, their wedding day is the most important and memorable day of their life. That is, until they have been married for several years. Each anniversary of your big day is a special moment that can bring back the joy and memories of that original day, certain years (like the 5th, 10th, 25th, etc.) call for a bigger celebration of love. Our party planners and designers will help create an anniversary party as special as the love you share!

Baby Showers

The birth of a new baby is an exciting time in anyone’s life. We are ready to help you take the stress out of this special moment and plan and execute your dream baby shower to celebrate your new bundle of joy!
Graduations And Graduation Parties
Whether you are celebrating a high school graduation, college graduation, or a graduation from a training program, this celebration is meant to congratulate you on your commitment, dedication, and the hard work it took to reach this moment. You shouldn’t have to work harder to plan an event to celebrate this moment!
Holiday And Christmas Parties
Holiday and Christmas parties are not always just for corporate events. If you want to celebrate a special holiday or have a Christmas party for your friends and family, we have the décor creativity and planning skills necessary to help you throw a special holiday event.

And Many More!

Have a dream for another type of social event you would like help bringing to life? Call Byrd Nest Events & Design today to discuss our planning and décor enhancement services available to help your next event take flight!