The Experience

We Believe in Being Unique

It is our sincerest hopes and wishes to provide the best client experience possible. We want to surpass all expectations throughout the floral design and event decorating and set-up process. We do this by truly listening to you.

We want to create a unique and individualized experience that will live in your memories long after the event. Come, fly over to our nest and revel in all Byrd Nest Events & Design has to offer you and your event!

We implement the following process for all events we plan and manage. Timelines can vary between each step depending on the event and your “big date”. We’ll go over a more specific timeline for each step of the process at our initial meeting.
Step 1
The initial meeting! When we gather your hopes, wishes, and must haves—all the “rainbows and unicorns,” so to speak, to design your event exactly the way you imagined it. 
Step 2
We then take that information and develop realistic goals, objectives, and expectations. Then we set the big date and start our décor planning!
Step 3
We finalize all aspects of the event's design, including theme selection for décor and finalizing aspects of the master floral and design plan.
Step 4
The design elements and floral pieces for your event décor are built and reviewed with you to ensure they are as you imagined.
Step 5
It's time to set-up! This step is our favorite—it's when we put all the design elements and floral pieces together to create your uniquely designed event! 
Step 6
Your special day!!! Time for you to enjoy the floral and event designs custom crafted and displayed by Byrd Nest Events & Design.

Frequently Asked questions

What events do you handle?

We design, decorate, and create custom floral arrangements for any type of event. From bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers to fundraisers (like galas, auctions/raffles, casino nights), corporate events and other company parties.

What is décor enhancement and event design?

We handcraft your event décor and floral elements (or obtain the necessary pieces) and arrange them in a dream come true manner—beyond the average table arrangements. We aim for more than picture perfect; we help you get all the “unicorns and rainbows” you desire within your budget to make your day a lasting memory.

Can I order flower arrangements or table rentals through you?

Yes! We custom create floral arrangements, decorations, and design elements for optimal décor enhancement of your event.  We will also direct you to a desirable vendor for event rentals (from tables and chairs to sound, lighting and dance floors) if you need them.

Will you work with vendors we have already selected?

Absolutely! We have preferred vendors we recommend to those who have not already picked out a desired venue or vendor and we will always work with any vendor you may have already hired!

Event planning costs can vary depending on the size of the event and they types of services you need to fully bring your event to life. The same goes for wedding planning costs. Call us or fill out one of our online forms to schedule your free 30-minute event consultation to get a better idea of what your event needs and what to budget for.

What areas do you service?

We mainly design and decorate events where we nest—North Carolina; however, we have been known to spread our wings to design and decorate events beyond our nest.