What To Expect From Your Professional Event Planner

So, you have a big special event coming up and you think you can handle all of the planning and execution yourself. Well this may be true, but just because you can handle it yourself doesn’t mean you should! Hiring a professional event planner will help take the burden and stress of planning your event off of you and will allow you to be able to relax and have fun with your special event – like you should! We’re here to tell you what other event planners won’t, and that is exactly what it is you should expect to receive by hiring a professional event planner.


The job of the event planner is to bring the vision you have for your special event to life. However, they should be creative enough to design and execute a plan on how to make this vision come to life. They should also be up to date on industry standards and the latest trends. While your event planner should be able to do most of the work for your event, they should also be encouraging to work with you to make sure that your event is personalized to your preferences.


A good event planner will take all of the information discussed in your initial consultation and draw up a detailed plan on how they will execute your event. Your event planner will be responsible for walking you through every step of your event planning process – from the initial planning phase all the way through the execution of the event day-of. The strategy your event planner offers you should be customized based on you and your event, not a generic plan for your “type” of party. A good event planner will make sure that no small detail goes unnoticed or is missed. Usually, your event strategy will be broken up into weekly or monthly sections leading up to your event. A good plan should look like it covers a lot of details and things to do when it is all written out – but rest assured that your event planner will be able to handle all of the details and will keep you updated on the progress regularly.


Organization is key to any successful event planner. With all the small details and deadlines your event planner will need to keep up with, they will need to have a professional and proven organization system. You should look for an event planner that is consistent, on-time for your planning meetings, has an organization system for each of their event’s notes, and doesn’t miss deadlines. An unorganized event planner can wind up being a bigger headache than trying to plan your event on your own, so don’t be afraid to ask your event planner what system they use to keep themselves organized during your initial consultation.


Vendor connections are extremely important in the event planning industry and will set apart a professional and experienced party planner from the rest. Having an extensive network of vendor relationships means that your event planner will be able to help you with anything and everything that is needed for your event and will be able to save you money because of discounts they receive with their preferred vendor connections! This will help you maximize the quality of your event while minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses.


It is important for your event planner to be considered a people person because the one thing that all special events have in common is people. A good event planner will be a good listener who works with you to bring your vision to life. They should also be able to “read” people at your event easily and work their way through the event professionally to ensure your event is a success.


Planning and executing everything it takes to create a great successful event can be tricky. And while you do want your event planner to be able to socialize and make the right impression with your party, you also want your event planner to be a boss when it comes to managing your event. A good event planner will be able to be assertive when needed, delegate out tasks, and follow-up on any tasks that were delegated out to make sure they are completed appropriately.


Ok so we don’t literally mean your event planner should be calm if there is a fire at your event, although they should be prepared and know how to handle it if that does happen. What we do mean is that your event plan should be well prepared to handle any unplanned or emergency situation that arises during your event or on the day-of your event while remaining calm and clear-headed. A good event planner will have an emergency kit to help them through any “surprise” situations during your event and should have a back-up plan for anything that could go wrong. And the best part about this is that many times you won’t even know that they had to use it – they should handle the situation that well and that calmly!
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