Why Hire A Wedding Planner

It’s the night before the biggest day of your life. You drift off into what seems like a peaceful dream. You see yourself walking down the rose covered aisle to the love of your life. The church is decorated so beautifully, and your dream dress fits perfectly. The ceremony has gone off without a hitch. As you get to the limo to be whisked to the reception hall, you check your phone and there are dozens of missed messages. The florist is late with the flowers, the cater has broken down, and one of the buttons just popped off the back of your dream dress. You start to feel hot all over and overwhelmed. Why didn’t you hire an event planner?? You wake up suddenly drenched in sweat, to the realization it was only a dream.

People tend to think that they can do it all when it comes to a planning their dream wedding. You think, “I can get dress, and address issues that arise.” But, the sad truth is you can’t do it all. You need that eye in the sky that can handle all unforeseen incidents. Listed below are ten reason you need an event planner:

Education And Experience

Most planners have the education and experience to help you make the right decision for you event.

Keep You Organized

A Good planner is going to make sure you are organized throughout the process, and don’t get overwhelmed with all the tasks needed to pull off your big day

Keep You On Track—And Realistic With Your Spending

You planner is going to make sure you stay within your budget and not let you go down a rabbit hole.

Help Meeting And Negotiating With Selected Vendors

With your busy schedule, do you have time to take off to meet and negotiate contracts with every vendor? Most people don’t have that kind of time—except your wedding planner, that is.

Save You Money

Yes, you read that right. Spending money on a wedding planner can help you save money on your wedding. How? An event planner can save you lots of money by taking time to search for deals for all aspects of your event—from venues to the decor. Plus, using a vendor in their network often means getting the service at a discount!

Manage Your Stress Level

You will encounter a lot—A LOT—of stress trying to plan your event. Whereas, a planner can take some of that stress away and let you enjoy the process.

Makes Sure Your Wishes And Vision Are Communicated

Let your planner be your advocate and communicate your wishes. A good planner will make sure everyone is on the same page and all your concerns and wishes are met.

Handle All Details, Big Or Small

Your planner can handle all the things you didn’t think of. From making sure Aunt Sue has a handicap hotel room to making sure there is an emergency sewing kit on hand because, little Johnny split his pants.


Having enough hours in the day get everything done in a day is challenging enough but throw in an event and you will feel overwhelmed. So, thank goodness for planners they can do all those time-consuming items and allow you to concentrate on those details you want to be involved in.

Anticipation Of The Seen And Unseen

Your planner is going to anticipate anything that can go wrong and right on your special day. The goal in the end is to have a seamless event, so that you can truly enjoy your long-awaited day.
At the end of the day, it’s your special day and you don’t want anything to spoil it. So, let your planner do the worrying and you enjoy the day.